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Tom Shelley & Company provides quality website planning, web design, and website maintenance. We do this by working closely with you to determine your needs and wants. We will take this information and translate it into a web presence that will accomplish your goals. And, we will do this in both a professional and affordable manner.

Please take some time and explore our site. You will find a lot of information about what we do and how we do it. Then, email or call us to discuss your needs and how we can help you create your website. If you you already have a web presence, we will be happy to discuss updating it for you.

We provide a number of services including website design, website re-design, Flash animation, digital photography, and E-commerce set-up. We also provide a full range of digital image processing, digital text processing, and digital text and image conversion. You will find these and many more services in our Design and Digital Workshop sections.

What you will need

Here are some things to consider about your website:

Your “domain name”: unless you already have one, you will need to choose one. Your domain name is what you see in our URL (Internet address) as “”

Choosing your domain name is important. It will be the way that you will be identified online. There are specific advantages to choosing a name that refers to a specific product or service that you may deal in. Or, using your existing company/business name in some form also makes good sense. There are excellent technical reasons for choosing a particular domain name and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

A web hosting or web presence provider: This is the company that will provide the computers that your website will reside on. We can recommend several excellent companies that can do this work for you. We will also assist you in setting up your web hosting account. In turn, you will provide us with access to your website to upload, set-up, and troubleshoot the site. We will continue to need access to the site for at least sixty days unless you have contracted with us to maintain your site. In that case, we will need access for the term of the contract.

Your written content or text: Your website will communicate for you on the Internet. You will have to make choices as to what you want to say and how you want to say it. We can offer you ideas as to what sort of text copy will fit and be appropriate for a given page or site. Providing us with your text in digital form (email, on disk, etc.), what we call "web ready" will save you both time and money.

Your graphics: The type of site we create for you will depend on your needs and wishes. As the Internet is a visual medium, we will want to include graphic elements as either integral elements or embellishments to your site. If you are planning an extensive retail or wholesale site, you may have to make choices from hundreds of pictures, drawings, illustrations, etc. As with the text elements for your site, providing graphical information in digital, web-ready form will be most economical for you.

What we will do

We will take the content you provide and construct a website to meet your requirements. We will consult with you, as needed, and as necessary, provide you with updates on work progress.

We will, on completion of our design, upload your website to your web host and make sure that it is functioning properly. We also provide a free “tune up” of your site.


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