Scanning and Picture Clean-up

Here is an example of "cleaning up" a digital image. The logo on the left is a JPG and the logo on the right is a GIF.

Re-working this image resulted in not only a better picture, but also a much smaller file size for the same size image. (back to list)

 Hover and Rollover Buttons

Hover and rollover buttons

Here are some examples. Move your mouse over each one to see how it reacts. (back to list)

 Animated GIFs

Here are some examples of animated GIFs. These can very very useful for drawing attention.

We suggest limiting the use of these GIFs to really important page elements. (back to list)

 GIF Banners

Another option is a GIF "banner". These graphics can be designed to in a horizontal format (as shown) or in a vertical format to act as a page border or draw interest so viewers will scroll down a long page. (back to list)

The banner is a useful tool for highlighting important information. A "Sale", a special scheduled event, or a new product would be good candidates for a GIF banner.

Pop-up Windows
The Pop-up is a useful tool for giving short explanations, instructions, or examples without leaving the page your viewer is on.
(back to list)

Pop-up Window "A"                  Pop-up Window"B"                  Pop-up Window "C"

Pop-up Window "D"                  Pop-up Window "E"                 Pop-up Window "F"

Click your mouse on each of the "Pop-up Windows" to see the effect.


This clock can be configured to show the time, day, date, year.

This is one example of many styles of clocks/calendars that are available.
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This is a small example of a form.

Forms can be customized to fit the needs of your site and multiple forms can be created to meet specific requirements.
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A "text" field. Use for names, addresses, etc. .
A check box. Used singly or in multiples for indicating choices A B and/or C.
A "radio" button. Use for choosing options, like: #1 #2 #3
A list menu. Used for multiple choices, particularly when space is limited .
A button. Used primarily for and but can be configured for other purposes.

These are only some of the features that can be included in a form on your site.
Digital Photography

We can provide you with digital photography services to show your business or products. Here are a few examples of industrial equipment.
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Still-Motion Photography

This photograph shows off a large industrial backhoe. It could just as easily be a home for sale, an automobile, or a floral arrangement. This static image does little to convey the features and appearance of this machine. (back to list)

Please click PLAY to see the "Still-motion" presentation (requires Flash 6.0 plugin)

The great advantage of "Still-motion" photography is that it offers the appearance of video with much smaller file sizes. For your customer it means much faster loading time and much easier access to your site.

Please talk with us about this innovative and exciting feature. It is certain to add interest and usefulness to your web presence.

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